• Martin Quirno, M.D.

Recreational Do’s & Don’ts While Lifting Weights


  • Do place your feet and knees at least shoulder wide apart while lifting
  • Do squat or lean over with the chest and buttocks sticking out
  • Do take weight off one or both arms if possible
  • Do balance your load on either side if possible, so that both sides are equally stressed
  • Do level the pelvis, lower back and neck in uniform alignment while lifting overhead
  • Do stretch and walk around before or after bending or heavy lifting


  • Don’t lift or carry unbalanced and heavy weights
  • Don’t lift and bend too quickly
  • Don’t lift things overhead with your neck and back bent.
  • Don’t tense and arch the neck when lifting
  • Don’t lift things when your feet are too close together
  • Don’t lift with your knees and hips straight and your lower back rounded
  • Don’t lift heavy objects directly following a prolonged period of relaxation

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